Friday, September 16, 2016


Hello guys!

One way or the other this Buhari season is affecting us. I am really lucky to be in china and most especially my city because the cost of living is low and student friendly.
 In this period of “Buharia” I have reduced my spending to match the Nigerian economy but I am still able to eat good food when I go out at a low price and I am so glad.

I may not be able to particularly tell you the content of my plate but it was a good meal.

I think this food is decent enough for a date and at a price of about 700 Naira, 15 Chinese Yuan.

In my August month recap here I stated out some goals for September which involved reducing the rate at which I eat out and I am really achieving that. This food was eaten in August so I am safe. I hope our economy gets better and I will continue to pray for Nigeria.

Do you think this meal is decent enough for a date?

What can 700 Naira buy you on a date in Nigeria right now?
      Drop your comments!

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