Sunday, February 28, 2016


Hello friends!

It’s been a while, hope you all are doing good? School resumes tomorrow and it is going to be an excellent semester. I decided to share my 7 tips for public speaking to help those of you who are not able to speak in public, to encourage you and inform you that you can get better.

I also made a video on public speaking, I advice you watch it and learn from some of my life experiences I shared. 

When you need to talk to an audience, the first tip I recommend is visualize. Think about what you want to achieve at the end of the talk; answering questions, giving advice, people looking up to you and wanting to listen to you again. Visualizing what you want to achieve, will encourage you to work toward achieving it.

Identify the type of people you are talking to and direct your talk in the way that affects their lives. For instance, you are to talk to farmers about how to be successful. You cannot tell them to read their books or study hard and pass their exams. Although this is needed to be successful, but not to farmers.

Do your research and have adequate knowledge to give your talk. Nobody wants to be asked a question and cannot answer because they don’t know the answer. It is very embarrassing.
Your message should be brief and direct. Deliver a clear message to your audience.
Do not recite. Understand your topic and let it flow while you are talking. Have an outline and use bullet points to show your important points and key words to help your remember.
Use humour and life experiences to keep it lively and to enable people understand how your speech can apply to their lives.

Practice your speech. I don’t advice to practice in front of a mirror because you can get distracted by how beautiful or handsome you are or that might be when you notice you have a pointed nose. I advice you practice in front of camera and watch it so you can notice your flaws and correct them. You can also practice in small gatherings or with friends who are willing to help you and who give you constructive criticism. Any opportunity you have to talk in front of people, use it. Public speaking is a skill, you get better by practising.

Dress well and give a very good first impression. Some people judge you by your looks so dress irresistibly and also maintain a good posture while you speak in order not to look dumb.

Know what makes you calm and do it. It might be hand gestures or pauses in your speech to take a deep breath. Just stay relaxed. Everybody gets nervous but the ability to control it when speaking is what makes them different.

You can’t be anybody else. If you follow the tips I have listed above, it is enough to make a good speech. You are capable, you just have to let it flow and do it your way. You cannot dance into the stage because you saw someone else do it and was applauded when you cannot dance well.


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Tuesday, February 16, 2016


Hey guys!

How you doing? Today we are talking food! When I tell people I school in china, they ask questions like ‘‘do you eat frog?’’ or ‘‘do you eat snakes?’’. I decided to share some pictures of what I eat when eat out in China to give you all an idea. I hope you love my Pictures. The Chinese man loves rice so most of these are eaten with rice.







 This is Chinese fried rice. It usually contains eggs, beef, bacon or chicken and variety of vegetables. 
p.s: I got this particular photo from Google. I didn't have a picture of it. 

This photo contains appetizers, main course and dessert. There are places you go to for buffet service. Pay $9 and get buffet service for two hours but you can’t get a take away. 





It is obvious there is no frog or snake in any of the dishes. The Chinese man may eat all these but it is rare for a foreigner to eat them.  There can be pork at times but I have no picture of pork but foreigners eat pork too. I hope you liked my photos.
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Photo credit: IG- @sir_kay

Sunday, February 14, 2016


Hello lovelies!

Hope you're good? Its Valentine's Day, i want to wish you all a happy Valentines'. Show love everyday. I also want to use this opportunity to thank you all for visiting my blog, reading, commenting, sharing and much more. I am glad i can share my thoughts, experiences and opinions with you all. I am privileged to have you all. To get notifications on my new posts, you can subscribe to my blog by email. I'll continue to post refreshing contents for us. Please Stay subscribed!

Last week i got a hair cut and i am planning to grow my natural hair. I love my new look and i feel good about myself.
Today i decided to share some pictures with you all, i hope you love them because i do!

This is back to my dormitory, i am true Nigerian. I've got my Naija flag on my door.


That's it guys. School will be resuming in two weeks but that wont stop me from posting awesome contents. 
Photo credits:  IG @sir_kay
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Tuesday, February 2, 2016


It was our family’s custom to go for the cross-over service on New Year’s Eve at our church and was more relevant because my parents were Knights of St Mulumba in Corpus Christi Cathedral.  This year, some of our extended relations came to celebrate with the New Year with us.
When the mass was over, it was past midnight already. My Uncle and my two cousins decided to walk home.

“Make sure you people don’t branch anywhere oh!” Mum cautioned.

“Musa! Come and walk back with us, I thought you said you are a big boy now?” Uncle Habib asked sarcastically as they strolled away.

I was a juvenile mummy’s boy that was scared of the dark and aware of the rampant vices in Portharcourt particularly during the festive period.

“Leave me alone” grasping tight unto my mother’s dress, like a suckling to its mother’s breast.

“If you people are not ready to go, I will go and leave you oh!” Dad said impatiently as he started the car.

We arrived home early. My aunt whom was not catholic had already returned from her church. It was late at night, so we went to bed.

My mum had not gone to bed yet when she overheard voices from her window which she had forgotten to close earlier on.

Which one be your oga house?”  a deep, bass voice to the security man
We lived on the first floor of a three storied apartment. The house on the ground floor was still unoccupied.

The thieves were asking for the man living on the second floor but since that was his employer, the security man lied;
“Ahh! You wan attack my oga? He no get anything oh! But the Oga for the other house na Senator brother”   Kneeling, with one hand protecting his head and the other pointing towards my house.  

Thief oh! Thief oh! My mum began screaming like a woman set ablaze.
They heard her voice, ran towards our house door and started banging it.

“If you don’t open this door, when we come in, we will shoot all of you” the same voice mum heard earlier.

Vices were extremely rampant in my neighbourhood that when you hear people screaming for help, you ensure all your doors are locked and take shelter. I have heard cries for help many times but I never imagined it coming from my house.  

 I was sleeping with my aunt in the girl’s room which is opposite my parents’ because my uncle and cousins had not yet arrived home.

“Musa wake up and hide oh! Thieves have come” my aunt whispered with a quivering voice as she sneaked behind the door to hide.

The girl’s room in our house had two double bunk beds. I was a seven year old boy and I still had a petit physique. Whenever I played hide and seek with my friends in the house I would always shove myself through the narrow space under the bed.

It was dark; I woke up to the alarming voice of my mother and it took me a while to comprehend what was happening. I rapidly shoved my tiny body under the bed. Going under the bed was not as easy as during hide and seek. I had to struggle harder to get under.
I wanted to say the that Lord’s Prayer but I was shivering in fear so I started;
“God please let them not shoot my mummy and my daddy. I promise to continue to go to church”  
I was hoping not to hear the sound of a gunshot.

The house had gone quiet and my room’s door opened. I turned my face to the opposite direction frightened that I was about to die and more frightened to say my last prayer.

“Please don’t kill us” my aunt had already given me away by saying “us”, crouching behind the door with her eyes firmly closed.
“They have gone oh!” my mum said, coming into the room with my dad and both laughing at the countenance of my aunt.
“Where is Musa?” dad asked seeming worried now.
I made my way out of my hiding place which emboldened them to laugh even harder; my aunt included.

My cousins and Uncle returned ten minutes later and found the security man tied down with a rope and swollen eye. Frightened by this; my uncle picked up a large stick and headed to the door while my cousins hid outside.

At dawn, people started coming to the house to say they heard noises but no one actually helped. One of the people said he called the police but they never showed up.

As for the security man, my parents dealt with his matter. I don’t know how but I know I never saw him again.