Sunday, January 17, 2016

The fastest way to get fat that you ignore!

 I was under weight. People have called me names because of my body like "toothpick " and many other names. I was so worried about my size  Or at least get my buttocks to grow bigger because i felt very shy when guys start to talk about sexy girls and their bodies and i am right there and i dont feel good.  So i check the internet alot on how to get fat and how to add weight. I really wasnt getting the answer i was looking for.  What i really wanted to know was if you eat this food, you will grow fat or if you eat that food your thighs will be fatter. I got none of that.  I tried squatting and apart from the fact that i was lazy to continue squatting i didnt even have private time to do it. I didnt want to do it in an open area and people start teasing me.
I thought i wouldnt be able to dress well or wear some particular  dresses  but guess what?   I started  looking at people that had the same body type with me. Watching how they dress and what they say about their body. I learnt how to dress my body. I looked at their pictures on instagram and i saw lots of comments and people commenting about their beuatiful body. And how people wanted to lose weight. Then i stepped up my game and improved my dressing. Made it all about my face and hair and dressing. I developed full confidence about my body and totally forgot about my getting fatter plan. I continued to eat alot because i love food.  When i was worrying about my body i was weighing 55kg which dropped to 52kg. When i totally put my worries aside and got my slim girl groove on, i got on a scale by mistake and i saw i was 64kg.        Worrying about your body only makes you loose more weight! Take time and ask your friends and people that want to loose weight why and you will have more than enough reasons to enjoy your beautiful  slim body before you add weight.

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