Thursday, December 22, 2016


Hello Guys,

It is all about exams and cold but let’s pause for a second and slay! I really love this formal male style which was styled by sir_kay. I feel like a country girl and I love it. It was all unplanned until my boots arrived in the mail and he said “I know what will just be perfect on you”.  I really love the striped pants and oh! The suspenders, I love it.

I hope you love this style like I did.
What do you think about ladies in men's outfit?
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Sunday, October 16, 2016


Hey Guys!

Long time no style post. It’s beginning to get cold by weeks here in china and winter is slowly creeping in. But before it does and we begin to wear hefty winter jackets and snow boots, let’s enjoy the best season of the year. Autumn!

It was just a normal day of the exam week and I am wearing a knitted sweater given to me by Ezra. Once again thank you Ezra. 
I felt I needed to wear a big accessory on my neck to bring out my style so I decided you rock my scarf.

I love the colour, the zips on the sleeves and how warm it keeps me in this season.

I have to say this is my first official handbag because I have always been a school bag kind of girl but I am gradually getting into the handbag style.
I really love the design on the hand.

My hat! Actually not my hat but I was just holding it for kosy while he set up the camera because it was very windy.
We came out with excellent shots which I love.

Photo Credit: alpha_cn  


                   What do you think about my outfit?
                   What do you like most about it?
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Tuesday, October 4, 2016


Happy new month guys!

Its October already, we thank God for life. I know this is coming a bit late, I fell ill but I am strong now in Jesus name. (Amen)

In September, there were good times and bad times as usual. I was diagnosed with an ailment, still praying to God for divine healing. I have always loved Art but last month I drew my 2nd cartoon Character which I’ll blog about soon. I had a lot of opportunities to make Chinese friends this past month, I met a lot of them and I don't know who to choose. It's good I am getting out there and meeting new people.

·       I started a study group and it is more beneficial than I thought. I am understanding a lot more of wh.
·       I finally created a Channel art for my YouTube channel.
I am hoping and working towards greater achievements in October.

If you get tired learn to rest, not to quit.- Random


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I made a Medical student tag video which simply involved me answering questions about my life in medical school and I also recommended the video to other medical school youtubers so they can also share their experiences about med school.

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“Rome sweet home! Our journey to Catholicism.” By Scott & Kimberly Hahn. This book was given to me by one of my family priest to help me understand my catholic faith better.

   ·       To score over 90 in my mid exams coming up.         
   ·       To have over 250 YouTube subscribers. If you haven’t subscribed, you can do that HERE
·       Draw more cartoon Characters.

           How was your September?
       Any special goals and plans for October?

              Drop your comments!

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Friday, September 16, 2016


Hello guys!

One way or the other this Buhari season is affecting us. I am really lucky to be in china and most especially my city because the cost of living is low and student friendly.
 In this period of “Buharia” I have reduced my spending to match the Nigerian economy but I am still able to eat good food when I go out at a low price and I am so glad.

I may not be able to particularly tell you the content of my plate but it was a good meal.

I think this food is decent enough for a date and at a price of about 700 Naira, 15 Chinese Yuan.

In my August month recap here I stated out some goals for September which involved reducing the rate at which I eat out and I am really achieving that. This food was eaten in August so I am safe. I hope our economy gets better and I will continue to pray for Nigeria.

Do you think this meal is decent enough for a date?

What can 700 Naira buy you on a date in Nigeria right now?
      Drop your comments!

Thanks for reading!


Thursday, September 1, 2016


Happy new month guys!

Thank God for bringing us to September 2016. Fast isn't it?

I decided to start a monthly recap on the blog sharing my favourites in the past month, lessons all other little things. I hope you enjoy this new section. Let’s get to it.

·       I invested some money into buying some money into buying hair extensions to gain extra cash in school.
·       I finally bought a tripod. (You don’t want to know about my handmade tripod).
·       Mom gave me a 2016 year planner. (I know its kind of late to be getting a 2016 year planner but it is a good start towards organizing my life).
I am hoping and working towards greater achievements in September.

“It doesn't make sense to hire smart people and tell them what to do; we hire smart people so they can tell us what to do.”- Steve Jobs

I travelled to Nigeria in august and stayed home for half of august.
I also travelled to Benin Republic for my older brother’s convocation in a night bus and it was my first time travelling in a night bus. I vlogged my experiences. If you haven’t watched it, then you should and don’t forget to give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my YouTube channel.

I also travelled back to China. It was a very stressful journey and I had 15 hours transit at Ataturk international airport, Istanbul.

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I am working on improving my channel with some new tips I learnt.
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I made a post here about 10 books I was reading that can change your life for good. To be honest guys, I wasn’t able to read all. I read only one. *embarrassed face.
·       Good leaders ask great questions by John C. Maxwell.
Also reading my Bible more often and hope to create a special connection with God for without him I am nothing.

August was good month I received a wish bone chain as a friendship chain from a friend whom I never thought I meant that much to. Thank you Ezra!

·       To be more consistent on my blog and YouTube channel.
·       To develop an everyday study habit.
·       To move into an apartment.
·       To eat more of self cooked food than buying food outside. (It saves money and reduces the risks of getting sick from eating unhealthy and unclean food.)

           How was your august?
       Any special goals and plans for September?
What do you think about the monthly recap?
Is there anything you want me to add to the recap?

              Drop your comments!

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Monday, August 29, 2016


Hello Lovelies!

Before a new school year or semester begins we always have new semester resolutions that most of start breaking on the first day of school.

We want to start studying from the first day school, want to create a study timetable and follow it and want to stop waiting till exam period before we start studying and many more resolutions. I am guilty of all these. But what really stops us from doing these?

Where does the motivation go when school actually begins?

It is the 2nd week of school and I am already getting sleepy in class, getting bored and easily distracted. I know it’s too early.

You would say as a medical student I need to be active, study very often, listen in class. But we all have this moment right? Or am I alone?

I cannot blame the weather or my teachers because I know the problem is from me. Blaming anyone or anything is just looking for excuses.

Do you have any advice for me during these unmotivated times?

Do you also have times like this in school? If yes how did you handle these times?

Let’s interact and find ways to get rid of this laziness.

 Drop your comments.


Monday, July 25, 2016


Hello friends!

I hope you are doing well. I have always loved motivating people and help improve the lives of people and myself so I went to my father’s library and selected 17 books which I would love to read before my holiday is over.  I screened the books to a more realistic number so it is now 10 books.

I selected these books based on Good content, easiness to read, Good Font. I also screened these books on their ability to relate with the reader.

 Three of these books are written by John C. Maxwell and one with a foreword by him.  His books have very high ability to relate and maintain a communication with the reader and so do the other books.  These books also contain quality questions for its readers to stimulate creative thinking amongst them.

If there is any of these books you would like me to give a detailed review of, please leave the name of the book in the comment section and I will gladly do.

I have selected
3 books on Public speaking

3 books on leadership

2 books on starting up a Business  

2 books on team work.

We should always desire to improve ourselves anyway we can.


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Are there any book recommendations you have for me? Leave their names in the comment section.

Thanks for reading.

Saturday, July 23, 2016


Hello Readers!

It’s your girl reporting from Nigeria. I featured in my school advert and I was very excited about this. It feels good to be recognized as one of the faces of your school. Although I had to leave for Nigeria early so I couldn’t stay till the end. When the advert is ready, I will post it on my YouTube channel if I can so you better subscribe.

YouTube: Teenahs Lounge

Let me show you a few pictures from the shoot.


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Saturday, June 25, 2016


Hello lovelies!

It is that time of the year again. “Exam period” If you have already written your finals then you can use this to prepare for your next examinations but if you are still preparing like me, I hope these help you. These are my basic tips for preparing for my exams.

v Know what reading method works for you and stick with it. Some people understand better in a quiet place, some by taking notes, some by being asked questions and various other ways.

v Create a detailed study timetable and stick to it. When making the time table, include all your minor daily activities like laundry, meals, shopping etc. Everything should be scheduled so you have enough time to study without distractions.

v A lot of us complain about lacking motivation to study. I advice you study with friends sometimes. Not just any friend but the type that are willing to learn so they can drag you up on your lazy days. 

v Teach others. Be willing to teach others what you have already studied. It helps you understand better and can also be corrected if you are wrong or if you left out a point.

vDon’t be over confident. If you don’t study, you won’t pass. Study in details, don’t try to predict the questions and only choose a part to study. Always remember that while you are sleeping, other people are studying.

If these were useful to you, be sure to leave a comment and share with others.

Thanks for reading.


Saturday, June 4, 2016


Growing up in a Christian home, I often heard my mum say “bless you” after sneezing. I realized nothing was said after coughing or burping but only sneezing. Some days ago I was in physiology experiment class and the teacher sneezed. A student quickly replied “bless you”.
 This teacher was obviously Chinese and for a moment I wondered if he understood why she said “bless you”. Right then I realized I didn't know what that phrase really meant and why it was said after sneezing.
We now know that sneezing is a reflex action and is most often the sign of something relatively benign, such as a cold or allergy. A sneeze also can be provoked by being outside in the sunlight or from smelling a strong odour. Still, we persist in the custom of saying "bless you" mainly out of habit and common courtesy.
 Some cultures have similar response to sneezes, believing that a sneeze could signal ill health: they might say, “Salud” (Spanish for “health”) or “Gesundheit” (German for “health”) or “Sláinte” (Irish Gaelic for “good health”) or “Jeebo” (Bengali for “stay alive”).
For the most part, the various sneeze responses originated from ancient superstitions. Some people believed that a sneeze causes the soul to escape the body through the nose. Saying "bless you" would stop the devil from claiming the person's freed soul.
 Others believed the opposite: that evil spirits use the sneeze as an opportunity to enter a person's body. There was also the misconception that the heart momentarily stops during a sneeze (it doesn't), and that saying "bless you" was a way of welcoming the person back to life.
The Romans would say "Jupiter preserve you" or "Salve," which meant "good health to you," and the Greeks would wish each other "long life."
 The phrase "God bless you" is attributed to Pope Gregory the Great, who uttered it in the sixth century during a bubonic plague epidemic which sneezing was an obvious symptom of one form of the plague.
There is a legend/tradition that Pope Gregory I commanded that, any time a sneeze was heard, the sneezer was to be blessed by saying, “God bless you,” (and making the sign of the cross over his mouth) as protection against the plague.

Finally, there is no biblical validity to such superstition. At the same time, there is no biblical reason to believe it is sinful to bless someone after a sneeze—in fact, it might just be a good time to extend a kind word and say, “God bless you.”

   Interesting facts about sneezing:
  • Sneezes are an automatic reflex that can’t be stopped once sneezing starts.
  • Sneezes can travel at a speed of 100 miles per hour and the wet spray can radiate five feet.
  • People don’t sneeze when they are asleep because the nerves involved in nerve reflex are also resting.
  • Between 18 and 35% of the population sneezes when exposed to sudden bright light.
  • Some people sneeze when plucking their eyebrows because the nerve endings in the face are irritated and then fire an impulse that reaches the nasal nerve.
  • Donna Griffiths from Worcestershire, England sneezed for 978 days, sneezing once every minute at the beginning. This is the longest sneezing episode on record.

Saturday, May 21, 2016


Hello lovelies!
Hope you all are awesome. I made a post earlier  YOU CAN DO MORE THAN YOU THINK. I wrote about how I was able to run a 3000 meters race during my practice. 

The sports event was 20/05/2016 it is called sport meeting. College of international education competes against the Chinese students. I ran my 3000 meters race and a 10 boys 10 girls relay race whereby a boy runs 300 meters and passes the baton to girl to run 100 and she passes to the next boy. They were both awesome races which we finished second place.

At the end of the program, the college of international education finished second place overall out of 11 school teams which was better that last year that was sixth place.

Oh Yes! One of our very own, a  Nigerian athlete broke to schools record of 100meters by running 10.9 seconds which makes him the fastest man in the school. That is so awesome. You can see him wearing the Nigerian jersey. 

It was a very beautiful event on a very sunny day that made us all darker ut it was worth it. I had a Subungual Hematoma (black toe nail) a collection of blood underneath the toe nail. Still hoping it heals fast.

I have really been craving pasta I had to go treat myself to it. I sat in a wet taxi which dirtied my pants but luckily I had my veil to tie around my waist.
On our way the 7th floor, we saw a group of Chinese gathered and decided to check it out. There was a kissing completion going on. 20th May when translated to Chinese is like their valentine’s day. 

The host of the show saw foreigners and was inviting us to join the kissing competition. We just ran away.

In summary, it was a very awesome day I am really happy I participated in the sports meeting and a big thank you to my bestie that pushed me to participate.
They school plans to organize a dinner and an award ceremony for us, I’ll keep you all updated about that.

 As some of you know, I am contesting for Miss African union in my school which is on 25th may. I’ll keep you all updated about that too so subscribe to my Email list to be updated about my posts.

Photo Credit; I.G - sir_kay

Thanks for reading.
                                                                                    Lots of Love