Sunday, October 16, 2016


Hey Guys!

Long time no style post. It’s beginning to get cold by weeks here in china and winter is slowly creeping in. But before it does and we begin to wear hefty winter jackets and snow boots, let’s enjoy the best season of the year. Autumn!

It was just a normal day of the exam week and I am wearing a knitted sweater given to me by Ezra. Once again thank you Ezra. 
I felt I needed to wear a big accessory on my neck to bring out my style so I decided you rock my scarf.

I love the colour, the zips on the sleeves and how warm it keeps me in this season.

I have to say this is my first official handbag because I have always been a school bag kind of girl but I am gradually getting into the handbag style.
I really love the design on the hand.

My hat! Actually not my hat but I was just holding it for kosy while he set up the camera because it was very windy.
We came out with excellent shots which I love.

Photo Credit: alpha_cn  


                   What do you think about my outfit?
                   What do you like most about it?
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